So you've got your quote and you're ready to roll? Great! (if you don't have a quote yet, and you need one, click HERE)

Next step is getting your artwork handled.


-Please be as exhaustive as possible when explaining what you want on your jerseys. This is necessary for our artists to have the full scope of what you want.

-You will receive TWO revisions included with your art fee, if applicable. Revisions are minor details such as outlines, sleeve stripes, or something similar. NOT A FULL REDESIGN.

-On the form, there will be a section to explain in great detail, please take advantage! Artwork should be received within 48 hours of the art fee payment (if applicable)

-Feel free to include/attach pictures of jerseys you've seen online, if they illustrate a style or effect you like. There will be a section for that on the form

-Art fees will be determined by the estimated time it will take our artist to complete

-Pick your own fonts from or, if you want a specific font. Fonts are very subject to personal preference, so don't waste your revisions on fonts -- pick them yourself.

-If you want to pick a stock design from our archives, you can save on an art fee, and on your jerseys! Click HERE to see the stock designs

DID YOU READ EVERYTHING? You're ready to go! Click the link below.

All set?

Make sure to save your artwork once you receive it, you will need the PO# on the art form for any REORDERS!