ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE ON THE GARMENT, NOT ON THE BODY -- Lay an item flat on the ground and measure length and width -- again, these are not chest or torso body measurements on a human body. You are meant to measure an item from your home that fits, as this is the most foolproof way to determine a fit.

*Note* "JERSEY" size charts are extra length are meant to be tucked in --  "PRACTICE SHIRT" size chart is an athletic fit for practice tees, etc. More like a t-shirt fit (shorter)

*Note* "PRACTICE SHORTS" size chart is meant to go just above the knee. "MID THIGH SHORT" size chart is shorter - approximately, mid thigh or slightly longer.

If you are ordering LIGHTWEIGHT HOODIES - the size chart is the same as the JERSEY size chart, as these items are not meant to fit baggy


Baseball Jersey/Pants/Practice Shorts/Practice Tee

Hoodie Size Chart

Cage Jacket/Coaches Jacket

Pacific Hat Size Chart (12 minimum)

Richardson Hat Size Chart (18 minimum)

Our socks come in youth and adult size. Our general rule is if your child has a youth size pant, they will wear a youth size sock — and if they have an adult size pant, they can wear an adult size sock. Socks are very long and are stretchy, so they will fit a multitude of feet sizes.

Belts are adjustable, and we recommend the same for this. If your child wears an adult size pant, they can wear an adult size belt — same holds true for youth.